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Shopping for a good boat dealer

It is not as easy as just going to the first one you see or the closest dealer to your house. Sure, sometimes you luck out and it works. More often than not, something goes wrong. The service is poor or tardy, prices are outrageous or you just feel cheated. We have all had those shopping experiences that have been less than desirable.There are some tips to finding a reputable boat dealer who will treat you right that we at Island View Marine Center would like to share and that hopefully we are  becoming.


Island View Marine Center

located in Poulsbo, Wash. on Miller Bay in Puget Sound.  The boating community on the Olympic Peninsula has been proudly served at this location since 1974. It is our intention to provide the very best service and products at a fair price. Our goal is to always answer this question completely: ” What will it take to get you on the water as fast as possible with a smile on your face?” We are committed to being a family run business based on integrity and honor.